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Touchstone Business Solutions has tailored solutions to help you grow your business. We are a boutique business management consultancy specializing in enterprise development, marketing, business model design and advisory services.

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    On your business priorities and growth
    strategies. One of the main reasons businesses struggle to grow is the busyness of business. Many entrepreneurs feel like the growth they desire is so close they can taste it, but
    somehow just out of reach. We have proven approaches to help you overcome the busyness and get the traction you desire. Don’t stay stuck!


    The systems and people that will allow your business to scale. This is the essential
    enterprise competence of world-class
    enterprise builders, and we can help you do it with excellence. Would you like your core
    enterprise to run so well that you could step back from it, scale it up, pass it on to a
    successor or perhaps even sell it?
    Doable! – And we can show you how.


    Your sales, your profitability, your market, your customer base. Most small businesses have a marketing wishing well – they throw some money in and hope something good happens! Our expertise is in business development and building a marketing machine that will allow you to systematically acquire customers – drive
    traffic, make the phone ring, and produce orders. Get measurable results!

    Solutions – Ways We Help Clients


    Many business owners feel stuck, bogged down in the day to day. Get the help you need to get traction and begin really growing your enterprise.

    Group Coaching

    Business owners often struggle with the gap between what they want to do and what they are able to accomplish. The best way to bridge this intention/execution gap is with the support, encouragement and accountability of a group.

    Enterprise Development

    Helping your move from a first stage business to enterprise through developing systems and people.

    Human Capital Development

    Increase employee engagement, team performance and profitability through developing your people. Certified LifeThrive Professionals: Specialists in Human Capital Development.

    Business Model Design

    Many business owners feel success is just inches beyond their reach. Get the help you need to optimize your business model!

    Business Advisory & Coaching

    Working with a TBS advisor is like having a Chief Growth Officer on your team. Through executive in-sourcing we can bring the horsepower to achieve your goals.

    Profitable Non-Profit

    Increasing competition, regulatory complexity & changing donor expectations make running an exempt organization all the more challenging. Get help today!

    Marketing Services

    Our specialty is customer acquisition marketing. We help you grow your business by serving your strategic, salesforce and digital marketing needs.


    Whether your business needs an
    overhaul, or you just need to gear up for changes around the next bend, we can help!

    What our Clients say…

    “TBS took my concept and simplified it to fit short and long term needs. This allowed me to return for next steps of strategic plan. Two years later, I continue to work with TBS as a strategic arm of our expanding team of business consultants. Our two new media products and companies have benefited immensely from TBS. THEY DEFINITELY ARE NOT COOKIE CUTTERS. Ronald Atkinson, Founder”

    Ronald A.

    Photography and Media

    “After 30 years in business was grateful to learn some things I did not know; Jason desires to see people and companies grow.”

    Edward B.

    Natural Foods Retailer

    “The insight provided by Jason forced me out of my comfort zone of mediocrity and into a position where I could see the inefficiency of my systems. He helped me highlight how the interactions of unoptomized systems are hurting my bottom line and adding to the frustration both personally and with my supporting staff. We have made a turn and thanks to Touchstone I feel we are on the right path.”

    Walt B.


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    Touchstone Business Solutions is a business management consulting firm serving Hampton Roads Virginia including: Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Newport News. We provide executive coaching, small business coaching, enterprise development consulting, marketing consulting, turnaround consulting and more. If you need a business consultant to take your company to the next level contact us today. If you are looking for a business coach we have proven solutions! Through Business Kung Fu we offer group coaching and consulting for businesses in Hampton Roads and around the US.

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