Digital Marketing Glossary

I have created this digital marketing glossary to help you navigate the lingo of digital marketing.  This is also meant to be an educational resource. Ever wonder what A/B Split Testing is?  How about affiliate marketing, how about a lead magnet, psychographics, sales collaterals and USPs?  It’s all in there.    

Scalability Gap

Scalability Gap – Over the years I have seen a tragic pattern of small businesses that start to grow then encounter a cash crisis and either fail or slide back to their previous size. It goes something like this: The business begins to experience sales growth, but this growth begins to overwhelm the owner –

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Hire Objectively

Hire Objectively! The more objective you can make the hiring process the better your results will be. It’s so easy to mess up hiring, and the cost of getting it wrong is huge – lost time, lost productivity, wasted training budget, damaged team morale, etc. Hiring is not an area where you want to just

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How to Manage Cash Flow

How do you manage cash flow? Managing cash well is an essential part of Minimum Enterprise Competence™, so we emphasize it in Business Kung Fu™. Problems with cash flow are a killer in small business. I would imagine that if you asked 10 business owners what their greatest concern is, 7 of them would say

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Mehrabian’s Rule

In customer service not only what you say but how you say it. In certain kinds of essential customer interactions – customers weight your message as 7% your word choice, 38% tone and 55% body language. This is known as Mehrabian’s rule*, and it applies when there is some dissonance between tone, word choice and body

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Net Promoter Score

Are you using the Net Promoter Score (Reichheld, 2003)? You should at least understand what this important measure tells us about buying behavior and customer acquisition…. When I ask small business owners what their main source of new business is, the most common answer by far is word of mouth. I have mixed feelings about

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Social Verification and Your Business

Are you using the power of social verification for your business? You need 5 Star Reviews! You know those little logos and certificates and badges people put on their websites? From the BBB®, Angie’s List®, etc. Those are called trust elements, and people do consider them!  They have always served as a valuable form of

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What Is a Business Model Anyway?


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